Minecraft news

There is a lot of chatter on the MinecraftEdu forums today after the announcement that Microsoft have bought the game. They are releasing an “Education Edition” this summer. MinecraftEdu will still work, which is good because the Microsoft edition will be missing some of the best features AND it will be more expensive. It all looks very glossy and lovely but who knows what will happen when a grassroots gem becomes a corporation’s tool!

Microsoft’s site regarding Minecraft



  1. There are so many resources to share here. Thanks Jonathan for taking the lead on this and for sharing the evolution of your Minecraft worlds.

    Check out the World Library for Educators – http://services.minecraftedu.com/worlds/

  2. […] Mark your calendars everyone for May 8th for our joint session using Minecraft.  We will be taking a deep dive into the world of Minecraft EDU and examining the how-to’s to Minecraft and also the implications for classrooms across campus.  We will continue to examine student engagement and using Minecraft to design authentic learning experiences for student that they are able to become deeply invested in as creators.  What does the research say about using Minecraft?  The  Scientific American stated, 
”… not only is Minecraft immersive and 
creative, but it is an excellent platform for
 making almost any subject area more 
engaging.”  If we view Minecraft as a game-based learning tool in an immersive world, think of the qualities of a good gamer.  Then translate that into learning.  According to Klopfer from MIT, game players are risk-takers and analyze every bit of information coming their way.  Often times, you will see students engaging in statistical analysis and continual problem-solving based upon cogent data provided in the gaming realm.  Can you imagine if you could harness that type of thinking and experience it in your classroom?  There are many great articles about gaming and Minecraft. […]

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