Purple Mash

This week I used Purple Mash (www.purplemash.co.uk/mes) to allow the children to experiment with handling data in a more child-friendly way. Purple Mash is an award-winning website from the UK that allows children to practise skills and enhance their knowledge in fun and creative ways. There is the opportunity for children to select a topic to interact with or choose a tool or even games. I used the tool ‘2 Investigate’ that allows children to group, sort and arrange data as well as produce data charts, generate statistics and create databases. There are a number of sample topics such as countries, holidays and planets that children can manipulate or they can start their own databases. Children in Primary have been allocated a login and password to access the website which allows them to save their work online. The site is more Primary friendly but some applications could be adapted for use in Year/Grade 7/8 in my opinion.


One comment

  1. I like the option to create graphic organisers for different types of planning . This could be really useful for my students.

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