WIRED HACK (03.12.15)

Chris, Sam, Katherine, and Georgina met for our WIRED HACK re:Touchcast. Sam had a go at making his first one, takes practise and need to have your lesson plan and vAPP links ready before recording so that you can add them during the recording. Unable to go back and edit the recorded video to add vAPPs. You can add clips or remove them, but vAPPs must be entered during the recording. Tried downloading a video from Microsoft OneDrive vAPP, but unable to access OneDrive from that vAPP, just times-out and back to vAPPs screen; the Firewall may be the issue there still.

We reviewed the Touchcast Georgina created for a Literacy English lesson on writing a set of Instructions for her Y2 students. The lesson was set as a Student-Led Learning for high ability students. They listen to the learning objective, interact with a Google vAPP to recall information, think-pair-share to discuss and compare features of instructions using the Photo vAPP, and then taking an online test using the another Google vAPP. At the end, I used the Glass Board feature for students to interactively write the features of instructions on the screen while my face was in the corner talking them through it. Great idea for students to be able to stop/rewind/play if they didn’t understand something. It also makes it verbally interactive, you could create an auto-biography, interview with Greenscreen. Students in KS2 and Secondary could even use the iPADs to create their very own Touchcasts as Independent Projects or Group Projects.

We also took a look at Dodie’s Touchcast Pinterest Board (https://www.pinterest.com/dodieballard/touchcast-app/) to investigate different ideas for application in the classroom. I’d like to read the article on comparison between iMovie and Touchcast, what’s the rest of the world saying about it! Thanks for the Pinterest link Dodie, have followed!

We’d like to try to use it more once the Firewall unblocks the vAPPs, and do another HACK. Next week we’d like to hear about what Chris has done/found with Aurasmas in Secondary.





  1. Did any of you request for the vApps to be unblocked from the firewall via the ServiceDesk?

  2. Yes that request is with Dodie since a couple of weeks now 🙂

    1. Hopefully soon then!

  3. Yes – just to update you all they are having trouble opening a specific port for TouchCast to work with all the vApps. Both Primary and Secondary have been working on it. I will let you know when they say it is open.

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