Aurasma Update from HACK 3.12.15

By J. Cole

Today I managed to check to see if my created Aurasma worked via the school iPads (as I can’t install yet on my own iPad as need the ios9 update). Had a few issues with wifi causing the Auras to be slow loading but got there in the end with DB’s support. Resilience and patience pays off!

Things I learnt today:

  • Students need to be connected to your ‘channel’ to be able to read your Aurasma.
  • You can request via a ticket on ServiceDesk that your ‘channel’ is added to all student iPads so that they can access the Aurasma’s that you have created ( I have requested this for my own channel)
  • DB can be searched via dodieballard
  • Ron Wright can be searched via ronwright
  • I can be searched by jenteachermes
  • QR codes are best used when you want students to ‘keep’ something on their iPad to work on e.g. a website, video etc
  • Aurasma is best for something when you want them to see it there and then e.g. a keyword brought to life virtually with a moving image
  • Be mindful when adding multiple layers that they cover at least 2/3 or full size on the screen
  • There is a difference between static and dynamic display
  • The picture that is the trigger doesn’t need to be printed especially for the Aurasma to bring it to life- so existing text books and displays can be made virtual by using the same image that are already there. So, for example, in my office I have a picture already on my display board which I have used now as a trigger for my Aura. I now can use it with the Aurasma app without having to alter the image that’s already there- hope that makes sense!

The Aura that I created is of a Dr. Seuss quote about reading. My overlay is two pictures of my class reading their class novel.

I had the idea that for the Y7 TOTAL unit, we could create Aurasmas for a display outside CD’s office which maybe have a photo of students working linked then to a video of their work for a virtual display. The video is stored within the Aurasma account once uploaded- so I can use the video directly from my laptop.

I’d like to follow anyone else’s Aurasma channels- please let me know your channel names so that I can find you…


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