Kelsey and I practice with Aurasma today, and after we played around on it for a bit, we felt confident about making basic Aurasmas. WE also discovered how best to hare your channel with others. We brainstormed how we might use it for cross-curricular purposes. Some ideas we came up with are as follows:

  1. Gallery walk for introducing a new unit where students will hold their device over an image to further understand new information
  2. Showing work that has been completed as an outside project by one class, to show another class examplars
  3. In science, having students hold device over a lab tool and have the lab instructions or questions show
  4. In math, holding device over a sample problem, and a video will show that explains the steps to take when completing the problem

Questions we still have that will require further practice:

  1. How do you overlay multiple images?
  2. How do you enlarge the overlayed image, so that it is easier to read?




One comment

  1. What are your ‘Channels’ called so that I can follow you? I am jenteachermes and Dodie is dodieballard. Ron Wright is ronwright. We can follow each other to share Aurasmas created. We also can request via ServiceDesk that our channels can be made available to students. i think we just enter it as a request via a ticket.

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