Aurasma- augmented reality app

By J. Cole

Aurasma is an Augmented Reality technology available on an app for iOS and it allows you to set what is know as a ‘Trigger’ which can be an image, a picture or a physical object. When you point your phone or iPad at that trigger an ‘aura’ appears on your screen. A direct reaction to your phone or iPad seeing that trigger.
The overlays can be videos, 3D animations, URL’s etc. It’s a way to let the physical world around you interact with the digital world and link the two together.
Ideas for the classroom:
• Take a historical figure. Make them come alive
• Have images in your physical workbooks link to revision notes or more reading articles
• Create an immersive nature table – notes that bring objects alive
• Create simple language tags – major objects in your language lab can be titled so when the iPad is pointed at it, instant translation
• School tour – by pointing a device at your school, play a video walk through of the school
• Link to revision notes, articles, videos
• Create AR treasure hunts
• Point an iPad at equipment in your technology lab, show a virtual manual as a reminder of how to use
• Create immersive worksheets – images that play videos, talk and come alive

Videos where you can watch Aurasma in action:


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