Staff Development – May 25th

Okay WIRED members.  How did your respective staff development sessions go and how are the teachers implementing what you have taught them.  I am eager to hear from you.  We offered the following: iCan iPad – introduction to 4 key apps [Explain Everything, Padlet, Popplet, and Showme]; Game-Based Learning’ Student Response Systems’ QR Coding’ Glogging’ NearPod.


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  1. JT and I led the Game Based Learning INSET sharing our own experiences with Admongo, ABCYA, Citadel etc. JT shared how he had been able to prepare students for the Greek drama texts that they were reading by game play prior to reading. We also looked at examples of Minecraft and Crayon Physics. Links that JT shared are below. Teachers had a chance to play some of the games.
    Some of us took a look at Lexica which seems an incredible source with great possibility for English/Language Arts.
    Feedback received so far is that Primary LDD have had a go with ABCYA following the INSET with Year 4 Maths.
    Minecraft Globe Theatre

    Mind Shift Games page
    Manga High
    USA Today on Lexica
    A Student’s Plea
    Crayon Physics
    Epic Citadel

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