Using iPad in Drama for self-evaluation


I’ve started to use the iPads in some Drama lessons when students are preparing their performances (and working towards a final piece). I ask the students to work in groups of four (two pairs together). One pair watches the other pair and gives constructive criticism, but also film the performance for the students. Then they swap. The students then have the opportunity to watch themselves back to see themselves in performance. This has had a positive impact in improving performances.

The same thing could be done for a speaking and listening activity, a presentation etc. It’s extremely powerful for the students to watch themselves again so that they can also be their own audience, especially when you want them to reflect and set their own targets.



  1. It is great isn’t it. Suddenly the constructive feedback that can be taken the wrong way makes sense. The vocal and physical side of things really comes into focus when they can actually see themselves, however uncomfortable it is at first. Useful too for presenting practice in any subject.

    1. They loved watching themselves! What’s nice about using the iPads rather than me filming it and showing it back to them is they have the time to reflect, watch several times as needed, and so many can perform and be filmed in a short space of time rather than having to watch and film all on a traditional camera. Lots of simultaneous filming, performing and evaluating in one lesson.

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