QR-Coding in PRIMARY

Finally had the chance to trial QR-Code learning with my Year 2’s today – BRILLIANT!

We are finishing off our Term 2 Topic for “Amazing Asia” this week. I Google’d Trivia Quizzes for kids on the Asian countries studied in our Year Group, and created a QR Code for each one. Printed, and posted them around the room. So today’s learning objective was to “recall as many fun facts as possible about Asia”.

Pre-Activity: They worked in Table Teams to recall as many facts about South Korea/Asia as possible on an A3 paper.

Activity: I posted the QR-Codes around the classroom. Using the Q-Rafter APP on the iPADs, my students worked in pairs to complete as many Trivia Quizzes about South Korea and Asia as possible in 30min.  They screen-shot their Quizzes results, imported them into the Popplet APP, added their heading for the lesson (L.O. / date/ names), and then printed/glued results into their CD workbooks.

Plenary: Students had an extra 5min to add any final fun-facts to their posters, and then shared with the class.

Every student was fully engaged in the lesson and they had a great time recalling various countries’ fun facts. Students had time to complete 2-3 Quizzes, so there’s still left-over to complete if they finish other work early later this week – BONUS! 😀

I’d like to use QR-Codes for our Entry Point to Hall of Fame next Term. Will experiment with voice and video QR-codes, and even make some of my own Logos.



  1. Well done! I also completed a QR Coding activity for our California topic but I didn’t screenshot their work because they recorded on paper – next time I will do this and use my Google Drive to save their work.

  2. I like the idea of taking a screen shot of the quiz results!

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