Admongo…teaching Media Literacy in KS3 English!

By J. Cole

At last I think I have found a platform game that helps students meet the Learning Objectives of what I need to teach, (Media Literacy through understanding advertising and how students are targeted), whilst all being fun and engaging!

I want the students to understand:

– how they are targeted

– where advertising is (even when they don’t expect it)

– how all media is constructed

Its a free platform game which requires nominal sign up and has a male or female avatar explore different settings, e.g. out and about, home, school etc.

I even learnt some things about advertising through playing it!

I’m planning to use it on Wednesday. Am excited to see the students engage with it!



  1. Am also going to get the students to briefly play this simple game during their library lesson which will teach the students how products use gimmicks to advertise their products

    1. This website worked very well. It was short and quick. Free, without any need to sign up or sign in. Would be very good for KS2 Primary as it is quite simple language etc. All students in class were able to identify five gimmicks used to advertise products at the end. Game took approx five minutes to play.

  2. Admongo had mixed success in the classroom in the British Section English dept. The actual game itself was well received by the majority of students in the class. They were able to begin to identify who makes adverts and how they work. However a range of issues to do with connectivity slowed down the game play, as well as issues with the laptops themselves- running out of charge, shutting off automatically for Windows Updates, keyboards not allowing students to use the ‘up’ key in the game as well as issues with students being able to access the punctuation on the keyboard. If I was to do this again, I would try it with booking out the Macs, instead of the PC’s. I will also try with the library computers which are plugged in. I would also request that automatic updates be switched off during my lesson if possible. Another possibility would be to perhaps book out a computer lab. I have given the students the link to continue playing at home and will attempt again in school next week.

  3. Using the PC’s in the LMC now with 13 students all playing the game online…no problems at all with the internet or the computers, other than one didn’t have Flash installed. Much better experience!

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