QR Codes, Scavenger Hunt, Literacy and Numeracy Games, How to be an Editor/Reporter, Mindmapping, Lego and LDD

Questions I have following today’s hack…

  1. Are QR code readers already installed on school set of iPads?
  2. Is there an up to date list of apps currently installed on school set of iPads that can be accessed at any time by staff?

Things I learnt today:

  • Students don’t need phones or their own iPads to use QR codes if QR code reader is installed on school set of iPads
  • Desktop computers can also scan QR codes if they have a webcam
  • QR codes are quick and easy and can link to websites, short pieces of text, email addresses, phone numbers etc.
  • Can make a QR code using a free generator online e.g. qrstuff.com
  • QR codes could be useful in English (or other subjects) to create scavenger hunts, or to link to interactive online content e.g. a Youtube video, website or online game

How I could use QR codes in class:

  • Create a scavenger hunt. This could turn content into a game for students in itself
  • Use QR codes to link to different activities different groups are working on
  • Link to the games that we are playing in class
  • Could be great for differentiation- different QR codes could link to different activities/tasks I want the students to complete based on their abilities
  • Could use as an extension activity

Currently in class I’ve been using the different games from these three websites:

www.abcya.com Literacy games, free, no sign up required. Also have games for numeracy and World Languages. Boys particularly have taken interest. Trialled with Y8 and Y7 during library lessons using PC. Some games do not work on iPads as they have Flash. Lots of Primary games too.

http://www.bbc.co.uk/bitesize/ks3/games/ These are free games, no sign up required for English, Maths and Science. Students enjoyed them. I like the State of Debate game. Need to check if it will work on iPads.

https://www.newsu.org/courses/be-reporter-game Sign up is required. Poynter News University. 15 minute long games available as courses. I’ve been looking at How to be a Reporter and How to be an Editor which was made for teachers, students and journalists. It creates a virtual reality for players and has great teaching plans to support use. I am thinking of setting as a homework for my students who are studying a non-fiction media unit as part of the Year 8 TOTAL Enterprise unit. I’ve shared with the English dept so students can try it from different classes. Need to check if it will work on iPads.

I discovered this today which might be good for Primary and has a free trial which combines playing with lego with technology on the iPads to create stories…


I’ve signed up to Twitter recently- it’s a fantastic CPD opportunity. So many great ideas and links teachers up to an amazing network of education professionals. To have it unblocked at school I think you need to put in a ticket via Service Desk. Through Twitter this week, I have discovered

http://ictforsen.com/ and www.senict.com

Finally, I’ve been investigating a range of mind mapping apps and websites to help support students with revision and organization. Discovered Inspiration App on iPad and also www.mindnode.com Let me know if you can recommend any others!



  1. Since the Hack this morning, I have created a lesson using QR codes.
    I have booked the iPads for Tuesday with my class. I have made six QR codes of Youtube Commercials (very easy) for students to explore as a Scavenger Hunt where they will use what they have learnt about Media to deconstruct the advert e.g. target audience etc.

  2. FAB POST dear, full of ideas and thanks for the link!

    1 – All KS1/2 iPADs have QRafter APP in Primary, not sure about Secondary, sorry.
    2 – WIRED Primary keep lists of APPs on iPADs, maybe secondary could do the same?

    I like your idea for differentiation, and THANKS for the lego link – will be trialling that after we are done with assessments in 2wks!

    We will have a new Topic Entry Point after Easter Holidays, so will add QR codes to our Entry Day.

    Have fun with it dear! 🙂 xo

  3. Thanks! Was thinking it might be a good idea to have the apps list on a google doc which could be easily updated every time someone requests a new app. The Lego link looked great fun! Think the kids would really enjoy it! I like your idea on a different post on daily challenges. I like the idea of putting some QR codes around the library linking to games and author websites, plus maybe doing a Gifted and Talented Scavenger Hunt linking to TED talks…

  4. We have the Readers already loaded on the Secondary iPads; we keep the list of apps on the iPad carts and I sent the list out to HoD’s at the onset of the school year. It was also posted on the WIRED page. BTW – A learning journey is different from the Scavenger Hunt type games as their purpose is different. Perhaps we need some extension activities on learning expeditions??? Great ideas and discoveries everyone. Keep them coming.

    1. Thanks Dodie

  5. I’ve found a couple of games that I am going to use in class this week to teach media literacy and help students understand how they are targeted by advertising. They will be playing the platform game http://www.admongo.gov/ plus also looking at how gimmicks are used in marketing products http://mediasmarts.ca/sites/mediasmarts/files/games/coco/flash/start.html

  6. Today I used QR codes in an English class where I was teaching Media Literacy through advertising. I generated a QR code for five different youtube videos of well known adverts and allowed students to scan the codes with the school iPads using QR reader. Students were able to watch the videos at their own pace and as many times as they needed to complete a close analysis of the adverts. They really engaged with the QR codes and enjoyed having the freedom to move around and choose the order in which they completed the analysis. They really enjoyed the adverts and it was fun to watch their individual responses to them. The difficult part was at the beginning…students were frustrated by how slow the internet was when they didn’t get the video loading up instantly or when it stalled partly through watching. Their disappointment and frustration was tricky to manage as they were quite impatient. However, by the end of the lesson, they had all completed the task. Patience and perseverance needed! Tomorrow we will be playing Admongo- I am hoping that the internet can cope with their game play!

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