This week I have trialled Plickers with my Year 7 class.

Plickers is a formative assessment tool and based upon the principles of QR codes. By handing out unique qr codes to all students (downloaded for free on the website) I can assess and record their understanding of a particular topic by scanning the answers they give with my tablet.  The good thing about Plickers compared to students giving their answer on a small whiteboard, is that students cannot peak and see what the smartest student in the class gives as an answer.  I used Plickers as a plenary and it proved to be really effective and fun.

I will demonstrate Plickers soon on one of the staff briefings.



  1. Thanks for demonstrating to me earlier. Have signed up!

  2. i like how easy it is to set up by just copying and pasting the class list

  3. yes indeed. It only takes a few minutes and you are good to go. If you want to use my cards to try it out once, let me know for I have 60 of them ready to be used!

  4. Thanks John! Have put mine in for laminating so hope to have early next week!

  5. It is a terrific tool and cannot wait for you to demo this. Excellent!

  6. I will show it during next week’s staff briefing.

  7. Yesterday Jenny was using it to prepare her English lesson and I thought it is really amazing. Very useful to use in class.

    1. Thanks Mona! Am getting a class set of cards laminated so you can use when you want, plus I have requested the Plickers app to be added to the school set of iPads so that teachers can use it.

  8. Welcome Mona Hanno to the blog. 🙂

  9. The Plickers App has now been added to the Secondary iPads so any teacher who doesn’t have their own device can use the school iPads to scan the students…

  10. Used Plickers in class today as a starter to my English lesson which was a plenary quiz from what we learnt in yesterday’s lesson. This refreshed their minds into what they needed to know to create their own advert today. It was really easy to use and quick. I am thinking of giving the students a copy of their own Plickers card to stick in their books which they can just use as and when needed. Idea was suggested by JW who is also going to trial using in class this week. The graphs produced showing correct and incorrect answers are super useful for me as the teacher to understand the parts of the knowledge where students have gaps- which I can now make as another starter for my lesson by reusing the questions until I get 100% positive responses from the students. The students also used iPads today to start researching and creating their own ads…they were very keen to use the Show Me app to start planning and drafting ideas.

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