GBL and Literacy

I believe Maths is not the best subject for GBL for the game-play most of the time is not part of the learning experience.  Is it therefore really necessary to deliver the content in a game.  Does that develop students’ understanding of the topic better compared to a more traditional approach?

I do use games however to develop literacy amongst my students.  I like  which you can use to create anagrams in seconds (nice starter) or a game of hangman (plenary?).  It has various other options too.  What I like about it is that it takes only a very short amount of time to create the game suitable for that particular lesson.



  1. I have a HUGE body of research that demonstrates mastery level in math based upon gaming designs. I am happy to share those articles and research with you. Please don’t close your mind to it as it can reach so many different types of learners. [from Stanford University]

    Book – Mathematics Education for a New Era

    RPG’s in Mathematics –

    Bill Gates invested well over 20 million dollars in GBL

    Take a look! 🙂

  2. I will have a look at it, thanks!

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