GBL and the Use of QR Codes

What could be more fun than having FUN with games and connecting physical objects with the digital world?  Yesterday during staff development, we were able to contemplate the importance of gaming and learning and how we can use QR codes within gaming.  The shear power of gaming in the classroom is allowing the learner to associate that endorphin rush and craving for the game and apply it to the content as well.  The best type of games symbiotically integrate the content in the action or the play INSTEAD of the award for getting the content correct.  Immersive worlds that engage learners in a scenario-based construct the blends in that content is powerful as students interact and debate/problem solve in the virtual space [Third Place] as well as in the physical world during class time.

Please check out the attachment as this was my handout with all the links to the QR Code generators [text, video, voice, artistic].  Scan the codes on the attachment so you can see the difference between the types of content that can be linked.  Check out my pinboard on Pinterest called Games and Simulations for a variety of educational games and QR code related activities.

Good luck WIRED  as you explore GBL and QR Codes this week.  I look forward to reading your posts.

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  1. It was great to learn about generating QR Codes and the thinking about the different types of content that can be linked to. I will feedback to Year 6 and discuss creating a learning expedition for our Stars and Stripes Tour topic that will involve the children using QR Codes to various content, including voice recordings from Vocaroo. Thanks Dodie!

  2. I like the idea of a ‘Learning Expedition’…sounds much better than Scavenger Hunt!

  3. Great HACK to share ideas of how we could incorporate authentic/real-life learning through technology with QR codes today across Primary. Will feedback Learning Expeditions down through KS1, will be great for new Topic entry points, investigating various features of the topic. Game Based learning will be FAB for our younger learners, as it’s a quick and easy click to link to practice games to review and/or recall objectives in Geo/Lit/Math/Hist. Looking forward to trialling things like “Daily Door Challenges”, “Extension Activities”, and even a rewards system for Term 3 – I’d like to create an online rewards system/counter, and students can use my teacher iPAD anytime throughout the day to link to the URL, to check their rewards status. Will share that progress once started next Term. Thanks for the FAB CPD on Tuesday Dodie – some amazing ideas/tools to start incorporating across the board!

  4. I’m pleased to report that we had a great QR Coding lesson in Year 6 today! Each class has been allocated a US State to learn about, mine being California. I divided the children into 6 groups of 4 with two i-pads per group. Using QR Code Monkey I created 6 QR Codes that linked to various content such as: websites, an online gaming site (, you tube videos and audio recordings. The children rotated around the different stations undertaking notes as they went and using Qracker app to scan the codes. I wanted the children to obtain some background knowledge of the state with the long term target of creating a news broadcast from California as part of our Journalism literacy unit – using the GreenScreen app to record our news casts. The pupils gave very positive feedback about their experience at the end of the lesson and they were so well behaved and focused during the class time too. I also trained another teacher in Year 6 how to create and use QR Codes and they are already planning how to use them in their class soon.

    1. Well done Sam! Will look up the apps you mentioned!

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