Coding using Scratch

This is worth a look. I have just tried the pre-sign-up cat dance tutorial – very simple to do. More investigation is needed but I was wondering if the students were able to design games themselves… This is the Mindshift article about it:



  1. The MIT lab is a great resource and here are ways to use Scratch in class:
    Scratch working with STEM –
    The Maker Movement is pretty big and Scratch helps those ppl who are interested build things they would not otherwise know how to. I interviewed a gentlemen this year a part of this movement and he built his own 3-D printer.
    You can use Scratch to build your own instrument, create your own video game, and ending to a book or film, etc. Here are some samples: [also has a link to the Maker’s Movement].

  2. Thanks for sharing JT. I just had a go at using the cat sample on the site you shared. Need some more time to play with it in more detail but I like the idea of the students being able to create a game about a novel we have read or even simpler, a chapter

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