Using ipads for online games – do they work?

Dear MES WIRED Hackers, I tried to use the ipads for an online game yesterday but it would only work on my PC. Somebody suggested to me that the ipads don’t have flash player. Can this be solved? Also, are people playing games on the board as a class or playing games where every child is on a computer or ipad? Which do you think is more effective?



  1. Best to always check them beforehand. Last year i found a great superhero creator which i wanted to use when doing Superhero Creative Writing, but couldnt use it because it didnt work without Flash. You could always book out some laptops for your classroom instead. Some games work well as a whole class, but when they are creating something, it often works better as either individuals or small groups/pairs.

  2. You have to download the app and use it on iPad if it requires Flash.

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