February HACK – Future Thoughts…

As I am looking over all of your thoughts and from speaking to you after our HACK on GBL, I am so drawn toward learning that provides students a more wholistic experience.  As an extension I am looking at games that kids are and were drawn to because it provided them a true Third Place where the game and content are truly married together.  My son grew up playing Toon Town and Club Penguin.  Educational programmers came up with Panwapa world and other virtual worlds for students to engage in.  Now we are looking at life beyond the virtual world into Augmented Reality [ARLL}, MMOG’s, and Synthetic Immersive Environments.  If you are interested in extending what we did in our HACK and will be continued in the next meeting we have together, check out some of the following and engage in a discussion about how we can use these “other worlds” into our classrooms for the benefit of the students.  So, who is ready?

http://edunation-islands.wikispaces.com – Second Life platforms for education


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