Literacy Games

I’ve been looking at this website. It seems at first quite primary focused…very colourful and it lists up to Grade 5. However, looking at it again closely, I have found that many of the short, fun activity games could be useful to students who need to review grammatical concepts e.g. antonyms and synonyms, or nouns and verbs, spelling etc.

This is actually very relevant to my Year 7 and 8 English students. Could be set for homework or as part of a starter activity, plenary etc…


I think I will trial it in my library sessions where I have computer access to engage students. I think it would work best on the PC



  1. I have even used this site with some of my weaker Year 7 and 8 maths students (and some of the games I even like playing myself!). Absolutely a great website.

  2. I’ve trialled using the literacy games this week from with boys (some of whom are a bit disengaged in reading) in Year 7 and Year 8 and have been amazed at how engaged they have been. On the face of it, the games seems quite simple and primary- like, but the boys really enjoy them. I asked them to give me feedback about the games and what they have learnt and they didn’t seem to mind that they were learning about grammar and spelling, they all said they had fun. Very worthwhile!

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