Gaming in the classroom on Twitter tonight #UKedChat

If you use Twitter (when will MES allow to use this powerful tool in school?!!) you should follow #UKedchat tonight.  This is a great chat to follow anyway, but tonight they have a special on games and gaming in the classroom.  See you there!




  1. I am able to access Twitter at school. If you are not able to, I can request it simply to be unblocked for educational purposes. I think only a few have used it in the past – yes it is a powerful tool for use [check Twitter for Teachers – and follow them]. I ton of uses and great for your own personal development.

  2. I did not know that. Please ask if it can be unblocked for me. Last year when I started using it, it initially worked at school. Then all of a sudden I was blocked so I stopped using it. Would love to use it again on a regular base.

    1. I already sent this request in, so hopefully we will get it figured out.

      1. I’d like it unblocked too please!

  3. Please can I have it unblocked too? I have signed up for Twitter and have already gained lots of useful ideas. I mentioned it on my personal Facebook and have had lots of messages from friends asking for tips on how to use too. Found the UKEDCHAT really inspirational!

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