Foreign Language Games

Has anyone seen any GBL for Spanish? I have seen a few for ESL, and a few games to practice Spanish with skill-and-drill, but nothing that fits the criteria we discussed today.



  1. I havent found anything with GBL but did find some Spanish games e.g. Word Toss or Bingo on These might make good starter or plenary activities.

  2. Check out the following [most have Spanish and other languages]: There are many places in Second Life that teachers have created in particular, which would be an immersive experience for your students. I am also looking at Augmented Reality as well and will post those once I find them.
    Language Lab – they have a city called English City in Second Life – interactive sites for learning Spanish – Spanish vocabulary games
    Quia – you can make your own games on here, but there are MANY already created – Spanish games for tablets and iPads
    Babbel is another one – I am not sure how good this one is, but it is a possibility.
    don Quiote
    Augmented Reality in Spanish class [Aurasma is already on our iPads too] –
    Khan Academy is good – an extension for the use of Augmented Reality in class.

  3. Second Life Cities for learning Spanish – [or they are Spanish communities – check them out first and see if they are educational or social].

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