PowToon in Practice

Today during the OPC meeting, I used PowToon to show how you can use a different presentation method to convey information.  It is my goal during staff meetings to showcase a variety of tools so that staff can see them in action.  PowToon has some limitations as it is still in beta-testing. It is also a great opportunity to offer constructive feedback as well, as they are very responsive to the public. Recently, they added a professional slide version of their program as well.  I used the regular PowToon and turned the presentation from movie to a slide show.  It would be a good tool and a quick and easy way for students to create nice looking movies [documentaries, learning journeys, demonstrations as you can embed video].  The limitation is that you cannot, currently, download the slideshow into Keynote or Word to add other effects.  You can download and share on FB and YouTube to share out.  Check out my PowToon and tell me what you think!



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