Widgets on Moodle – Games

There are some really nice widgets on:


In a matter of minutes you can create a Pacman game for instance.  You first type your own questions (or use the one they have made already for you.  Most of those pre-made questions are history related though).  These questions will appear during the game which is a great way for students to learn that particular topic.  When you have finished you can share the game and embed the HTML code as a widget on your own site.  There are also other types of games to choose from.  Therefore type your questions in Word and copy paste them into the text-field where you need to enter the questions.



  1. Hello John, I have made it to Widgets on Moodle.

  2. Here are some other cool widgets:
    1) 50 Educational Widgets – they are all categorized on this website, so click and check out the great widgets that can be added to Moodle. Note that some are sidebar widgets, while others are those that can handle a larger space.
    2) USA Test Prep – just about any test you can think of offered in the US can be made into a widget and placed on your Moodle page. You can have an ACT and SAT Question of the day, an ELA, Math, etc. QOD. All very interesting and useful to start the class off. For most it will also offer you a vocabulary word of the day as well. http://www.usatestprep.com/modules/otd_web_insert/
    3) Primary Widgets – Here are few educational widgets for primary ages students from primary games. http://widgets.primarygames.com/
    4) NBC Learning releases new educational widget – I used to use the old version of this called NBC Deck, but it has now been revised. Happy viewing: http://www.widgetslab.com/2010/01/12/nbc-learn-releases-widgets-for-education/

  3. Indeed some very nice widgets on those sites. I have found the following site:


    which has loads of widgets too (perhaps too many)

  4. Help!

    I have found some great widgets on http://www.wolframalpha.com/ but whenever I want to embed the html code in a Moodle block (or even as a label) it does not show anything (I do turn the html editing button on). Is there anybody out there who can give it a try and tell me what I am doing wrong?


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