I made a couple of videos using Powtoon.  I want to use the videos I create on Powntoon to introduce a topic (connect it to previously gained knowledge) or to revise a topic.  Although it takes quite some time to create these videos when you want to do it properly (it took me 20 minutes to make a 1:30 min video), the videos look fantastic and I believe students will learn a lot from them.  I also think that when I start using Powtoon more often, I will be able to create those videos in a shorter space of time.  I do have one problem/question.  I am a bit afraid to upload the video on my YouTube channel for I am not sure whether YouTube will penalize me for copyright issues (which will then affect all the videos I do make entirely myself to help kids studying at home).


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  1. Check out the Powtoon/slides…I just made one and it was very easy and the templates are great.

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