More Apps we recommend
1.MEMRISE – Free website for revising a variety of topics. Students really enjoy using htis website. Helps them to memorise and practise in a fun way. e.g. for languages it encourages them to create sentences using the vocabulary they are learning and it also creates sentences for them.
2.PUPPET PALS PAID FULL VERSION – THis has been requested by staff for September and should be a vey useful app for a wide range of subjects. 
3.STOP MOTION ANIMATION – has been used by students in ASA iCreate and G and T club and in JC’s English lessons with great success – a very useful learning tool.

Ideas for September 2014
1.Survey the students and staff about which apps they have used and which they feel are beneficial to learning.
2.Encourage peer observations – invite all teachers to sign up on a list  – when they plan to use new technologies in class or for example carry out a Webquest. This sign up is voluntary – for teachers who wish to be observed and are happy to share expertise with colleagues. Purpose: to encouarage teachers who are not using iPads etc to grow in confidence and watch them being used in other classes.



  1. Great info guys. I definitely agree about getting the full, paid version of Puppet Pals – it’s a bit limiting at the moment and will open lots of fun doors. Peer observation for technology use, also a great idea!

    Check out my upcoming post, I highly recommend an app called REMIND 101.

  2. It is a really a helpful website especially while revising at the end of each topic . I will tell my colleagues about it . it s fun, easy to use and engaging. Also allows for differentiation.

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