Summary of Creating Great Schools-Compliance vs. Engagement

Where has Passionate Educational Leadership Gone?

Education was originally designed as a means of “higher learning” and was originally only for the elite, the well-off, and those who could afford to have their children in school instead of working. That has since changed greatly and now college is essentially a ‘requirement’ to ‘make it’ in today’s society. Whether this is good or bad is a topic for a different discussion. This discussion will focus on the fault that (at least in part) today’s system is still working from the standpoint that only some of the children should be expected to perform at high level but the system requires all children to be in school. Essentially, when the system was designed, it was designed for a few to perform at high levels, not for all, and those systems are still in place, but now all are expected to perform by them.

“Creating Great Schools” starts off by…

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