Moodle Glossaries and Quizzes

Building upon the comments of Suzanne and Chantelle, JC decided to look at Socrative as a way to give quizzes to class and then began to compare with Moodle. CW decided to look at the illustrative glossary to see if it would be useful for ESL students.

Feedback from Illustrated Glossary

The look and layout is not particularly attractive. It took five minutes to upload a photo so can be quite slow. However, it is good in that it allows the students to choose the image. In Quizlet, you have to pay to be able to add an image, so this is a free alternative in using Moodle.

Another benefit is that you can put all the vocabulary into one place for the whole year, rather than sort it by unit which is what happens on Quizlet. This would be good for end of year revision.

CW investigated online picture dictionaries. The best she found was At first she was unsure on how to take the information and embed it onto Moodle. It was found on the bottom right hand corner of the page called Link/site. You can copy the embed code and toggle it like you normally would into your illustrated glossary or activity on Moodle

Feedback from Socrative

I tried making a quiz based on a book my class are reading and entered in short answers. CW and I then tested it on a laptop and an iPad. It’s good that you can use anything that is internet enabled to access it. The disadvantage to this type of quiz is that unless the student writes identically to what you have written, it marks them as wrong. It also doesn’t indicate to me as a teacher as to who answered which question. Multiple choice question quizzes solves this. CW shared that it could be a good way to seek feedback anonymously in a classroom as part of plenary. She has observed this being used effectively in EV’s classroom.

JC started looking at making a similar quiz on Moodle but ran out of time before testing it.



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  1. The investigation of other visual dictionaries is a great idea. I find that the Moodle glossary is particularly useful if you have the auto glossary turned on, as it will automatically highlight words in your text that can then be clicked for a definition.

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