Moodle Wired Hack

In our hack Chantelle and I explored the following Moodle Tools:

Illustrative Glossaries, Moodle Groups and Moodle Offline Quiz Editor .


We began with Glossaries and found that it is time consuming and not aesthetically pleasing.  Chantelle created a short glossary in Year 9/ Biology/Unit 6.

We feel the Glossary function doesn’t stimulate active learning and there are other applications/resources that would be more engaging for students.  When viewing a definition it takes 2 clicks and a download to get to a photo.

Perhaps younger students, or ESL/foreign language students, would appreciate and make good use of this tool.


As for the Moodle Offline Quiz Editor, we would rather use Socrative to quiz/assess student knowledge.  It is more user-friendly, easy to use and runs on tablets, smartphones, and laptops.







One comment

  1. That’s really helpful feedback, especially the offline quiz editor. It’s certainly not a very pretty piece of software, but I was interested to see whether people found it useful to create quizzes for hosting within Moodle itself. I agree that external quiz sites (I’m a huge fan of Socrative in particular for its classroom interactivity) offer much greater functionality and ease of use.

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