Webquests WIRED Hack

JC, CS, SB and SS (English/LDD/Science) met together for the WIRED Hack to review Webquests. This was new to all of us but we found that it has lots of potential. We looked at the resource on www.zunal.com

We found that it’s important before you start building the Webquest to have a clear idea from the beginning. For example:

Have an ‘Essential question’  Introduction: Why are we doing this?

Definitive Task: What are we doing?

Process: How to complete the task/project/quest?

Resources Hotlist:  provide links for a focused search- how the students are going to complete their search

Evaluation (rubric/mark scheme):  End result of a web quest is something you want students to create…synthesis

Some thoughts that we had:

  • We like that the rubric/mark scheme is included
  • We like how the resources are narrowed down and age and subject specific
  • We like that you can edit and contribute to ones that already exist
  • Independent learning is really strong in this- good independent learning task
  • You can add elements and levels of excitement e.g. scavenger hunts and games
  • We think it may appeal  and be motivational to boys e.g. the challenge element
  • Can include an element of competition
  • Can provide links to allow the students to practice a skill required for the project e.g. building a circuit on BBC Bitesize
  • Self-assessment is made easier and clearer because it encourages them to look at the mark scheme/ rubric. Self and peer assessment is possible
  • Some good subject specific examples that we found included a Webquest on The Hobbit Vocabulary, Electrical Circuits
  • Extension activities for students that finish early/ Gifted and Talented etc
  • Very good for differentiation e.g. access to graphic organisers, vocabulary lists
  • Potential to add/upload lots of types of scaffolding materials
  • Massive opportunity for varied structured learning strategies e.g. group, paired, individual. This could also be varied throughout the task set
  • Although it needs a fair amount of teacher preparation, the potential for independent learning is boundless
  • Next Steps: We’d like to explore editing an existing Webquest and found that there is a help sheet for this on: http://zunal.com/zunal-help/help-copywebquest.php


  1. Found this really useful way of learning about webquests http://webquest.sdsu.edu/webquestwebquest-hs-eng.html

  2. Finding resources for your hotlist http://webquest.org/findlinks/

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