I’ve had a go at making my first Webquest based around The Black Cat by Edgar Allen Poe for Year 7 students. It’s part of a ballad writing scheme of work.

The students read the story and then create their own ballad based on the story.

To make it more interactive, I am also adding an element where they make a iMovie, using the iPads, of their ballad.

I found using relatively straight forward, though had some difficulty posting my evaluation criteria, and therefore attached it as a document instead of having it in the contents box.

I tried to think about how to make it more interactive than just an online worksheet, and so found links to the Edgar Allen Poe museum.

I liked that I was able to add resources that could scaffold and also to include images. I also liked that it made me think about giving the students the mark scheme from the beginning.

If anyone has any ideas of other things I could include to make it more interesting to students, please send me your ideas!


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  1. Students did well in their webquest. I allowed them to work in pairs. Many chose to bring their own laptops to school to use in the lessons as it allowed them to easily continue to work on the Webquest at home.
    I found that many of the students performed better than usual, however some students did less well as they had not clearly read the rubric that was provided. As they become more familiar with using Webquests, I think they will start to realise that this is an important part of the process.
    Students were engaged and enjoyed the independence. I think that it took longer than if I had taught it traditionally in class, with me leading each activity, it probably took an additional two lessons to what I would normally use, however it felt worthwhile to allocate that extra time as they were focused.

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