A New Spin on WebQuesting…

During the month of April, the WIRED Teachers will delve into the topic of WebQuesting and putting a new spin on the potential learning opportunities that an interactive WebQuest would provide. The teachers will focus on making the learning journeys both interactive and fun. Attached you will find the document with the links, a video tutorial, step-by-step instructions to create a WebQuest on Zunal as well as additional resources if you prefer to create in another format. Google Drive has a sample WebQuesting template, you can do the same thing by using your own website that you have created on Weebly, Diigo,  other teachers prefer using a simple Word/Pages document to create their own unique Digi-Quest. The one caveat as Matt Prebble and I discussed during our HACK session, is that you should  not have to have 10 windows open to complete the task.  Have your hotlist [resource links] needed for students to complete the assignment.  It is important that whatever template you use, you are able house all the other interactive components within one document with multiple pages, or one single document.  That is helpful to keep things woven together as tightly as possible.  So what types of WebQuests are we working on during this HACK session?  Matt has decided to try to create an engaging and exciting WebQuest out of possibly one of the most boring topics ever  – – – EXAM REVIEW [REVISION]!  That is a challenge in and of itself, but Matt Prebble is committed to making this learning opportunity an “Epic Journey”…  Matt will post his link from his Weebly site when he finished!

HACKWebquesting.March 2014 HACK



  1. Joelle. · · Reply

    We created our own webquest this morning as a group with Eman and Claire. I did enjoy it. Creating it seemed to be straight forward once the internet worked. Bringing several resources together from the web, is great. While doing it, I was thinking I could make some Year 9, 10, 11 and 12 students do it themselves as a way to review or revise a lesson.


  2. joellebugeia · · Reply

    Just tried Webquest this week. This is a great way to put together different type of materials/ resources/ websites/photos…. in order to organise a ‘quest’ for our students. I liked the fact that it seemed straight forward to use. I think it is a very good tool to use for reviewing a lesson.

  3. I think WebQuesting will help students to develop problem solving and decision-making skills.
    WebQuesting is interesting and motivating to me and I hope for my students too. It develops critical thinking skills and includes a cooperative learning component. Visiting the links the students will start learning as they start searching for information.
    I started a WebQuest in zunal.com and of course, I will try to share my experience with you

  4. *Here is another example of a WebQuest using Weebly: http://digitalnativeswebquest.weebly.com

    *On this site there are a variety of WQ that were created in 2014. Some are devoid of graphics, but you have some interesting ideas for projects using WebQuests: http://createwebquest.com/view-webquests

    *This WebQuest incorporates a simulated treasure hunt and the overall design looks good. This was made using WordPress.

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