This month we’ve been using Glogster to explore opportunities to create interactive posters.  The ability to combine different forms of media on a single display is really appealing.  Glogster itself has a range of publicly Glogs that enable you to see what’s possible by combining video, images and other embed-able content.

I’m going to get my Y8 students to create Glogs comparing life before and after the Industrial Revolution.  I envisage them dividing their Glog in two, and choosing images and videos that summarise key elements of life in the pre- and post-industrial world such as transport, work, living conditions.

A problem we have experienced is that although the internet is running quickly at school, the number of people in the Hack who were trying to access content-rich Glogs meant that not all the elements loaded.  Therefore there may be problems if full classes of students try to use the website at the same time.  For this reason we may use it as a homework/assignment activity instead of a lesson activity.

Glogster has an iPad app, which we’ve requested to be added to the school iPads.



  1. joellebugeia · · Reply

    I finally managed to be able to start creating a glogster. As you said, I had problems to load elements. We started to create some with my Y9 class today. We had to do a kind of summary of the topic we had studied so far: travelling. Students first had problems to sign in. They finally did not enter our school s name but logged with the help of their facebook account or their google s account.
    Then, they were able to play with this website which they truly loved using. They were engaged for the whole lesson: writing texts and looking for pictures, graphics…. The whole team had problems to find the French accents. We got them from Google translator (where you can draw the letters required) and copied them.
    A great experience! We will probably finish these glogs tomorrow.
    They make the learning fun and what a good way to review a lesson! Today, period 5, we are going to use the glogs with my Dp12 class in order to summarise one of the option s topics. Let s see what will happen! I think GLogs are a great tool for revision exam technics!


  2. The Glogster App has been added to the iPads but there is an issue with the app and it crashes. It allows you to scroll through other examples of blogs made by other students but you are unable currently to access other parts of the app. May be best to be used with laptops.

  3. I’ve just begun King Lear with the 10th grade. One major issue has been finding creative, engaging for students to engage with a pretty challenging text. I think Glogster may be beneficial in allowing students to demonstrate learning visually. It may be best to have them do the work at home. I’d be scared about load time.

  4. lcastleberry · · Reply

    The Glogster App seems very difficult and time consuming to access. What kind of information do we as teachers need to provide to have students sign up. I think this maybe a great way to have students make a poster at home but too time consuming for the time table we are on.

  5. I am currently looking into ’Biteslide’ which is an alternative to Glogster. I am setting up accounts for my ESL8 account and will ask them to present their findings from our latest research project on modes of transport using this site. I will add our progress to WordPress soon. I found a list of similar apps online that could be tried. Perhaps they are easier to access/ less likely to crash but I have not yet explored using them all.

    New Hive
    New Hive is also similar to Glogster in that it gives you a canvas to create a multimedia poster with embedded video, images and mp3 files. It doesn’t have the pizazz and cutesy backgrounds and graphics that Glogster had, but it does the trick. You have to request an invite to create an account, but when I did it, it was not big deal. It just sent the invite to my email account within a few minutes.

    The cool kid on the block is clearly Uturn. The site allows to add pictures, video, text, etc. to simple “expressions” that you can embed on social media sites, blogs, other websites, etc. This tool doesn’t allow you to do the anything as complicated or extensive as Glogster or the first two tools, but it’s kind of addictive nonetheless.

    Smore allows you to create simple web based flyers. In other words, you can create a simple web page that has as much information as a printed flyer you post on the wall at school would have. You can add videos, text, images, etc. There are few basic flyer templates you can use and the drag and drop interface is pretty darn easy to use.

    Big Huge Labs
    Big Huge Labs is a little bit different than the other tools. You can pick a particular photo editing tool, add a photo and then do some cool stuff with it. Create a jigsaw puzzle, a movie poster or magazine cover. You can even create one of those infamous motivational posters that have a picture with an inspirational saying underneath. I would blame you if you put something funny there instead. Check out the Education link to find out how to create an educator account.

  6. Claire has some other viable options. I also placed a few at the end of the Glogster document. Give those a try and post what you think. I will check on the Glogster app and see why it is crashing. Could be a bug with a simple fix.

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