Using the MAP score


At the moment I am working on how we can use the MAP results to help our students.  For each student taking the reading test, a lexile range is given.  These results can be found in LDD department.  You can then use the conversion table to find the text level that relates to that lexile range and the Grade level the student is working out.  Once I gathered all this information, I used it with the following websites: – the students know their text level range and can input this into the website.  They then select their interests and enter their age and the website produces a list of books that would suit them.  They then search for the books using the library database.  Many of the books coming up on the list for my ESL classes are not in the library so I have asked the students to cut and paste title, author, ISBN and lexile number of books they particularly like.  They are giving this list to the librarian who will use this to help her when ordering low level, high interest books. – this site allows you to search for texts and comprehensions according to lexile.  The database also allows you to see which grade the text would suit best and which specific skills/ themes the text focuses on.  You can download the files (PDF/Word) for free along with the question and answer sheets. – here you can search for news articles on many themes.  You will see thumbnails of the articles available.  Select a title and then choose to read that article adapted to 4 different lexile ranges. The articles also include relevant comprehension questions and articles can be assigned to different classes.  All you need to do is cut and paste the code that is given into your Moodle and the students will have access to the text you have chosen for them.


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  1. I’d be interested to see how the books they choose compare with what kids are reading in British schools and US schools

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