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Last week, my IB English students used the ‘Explain Everything’ app to present oral commentaries on John Donne poems.

The students recorded a screen-shot video of their written annotations  – with live voiceover analytical commentaries on the poems. The students enjoyed using this app and could see the benefit of recording an oral commentary in this manner. The method encourages the user to focus on close textual analysis and on giving clear explanations.

It was very interesting for me as their teacher to follow the text visually as they analysed its features. They automatically used very clear language because the app encourages the user to communicate with the purpose of explaining (purpose: to explain everything!) so it is a very useful Literacy development tool as well.I highly recomend ‘Explain Everything’ as a motivational App that can be used in a multitude of ways and for all subjects.


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  1. Funny you should write this just as I wrote my post! Going to be using Explain Everything with Year 8’s this week in class…will be a great tool for annotating media texts and demonstrating knowledge and being able to share what they know with others…

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