Padlet, Puppet Pals and Tellegami

This morning, Joelle and I looked at Padlet, Puppet Pals and Tellegami.
Padlet is good because you can also access it on your PC and set up a wall for students to work on prior to the lesson. We discussed that the wall could make good starters and plenaries and allows for students to all share their ideas and thoughts without individuals dominating the topics. I am using it with my Y7 class tomorrow to share their favourite superheroes and villains at the start of a story writing topic. A good feature of this is that in can also be visual and you can add images and photos. In French, we thought students could take a snapshot of an object for example a pen and write the name for the object in French e.g. stylo. It’s important to remember to tell the students to press refresh on their own iPad as it doesn’t refresh automatically so that they can see each others comments.
Puppet Pals also lends itself to languages as students can make short instant videos either individually or as a pair and practice their language skills. We felt it would be less embarrassing for the students than having to stand up and speak in front of the class. To share videos, students can swap iPads or can go around the room in a carousel fashion and watch each others. We thought it would be suitable even for older students as it is the language that is differentiated by its difficulty. It could be scaffolded by giving students some simple vocabulary e.g. fairy godmother, prince etc in French.
Tellegami is useful in a similar way to Puppet Pals. It may help students to engage in speaking languages, even if they are shy. The avatars are engaging and you can also add backgrounds from images chosen from the web. They could appeal to students of all ages and for all types of speaking tasks even though they are 30 seconds max.
We noticed that the numbering of the iPads is coming off and so we probably need a more permanent way to number them and make it easy to see which iPad is which. We discussed the need for students to use the same iPad each time they have the lesson as their content is saved to that iPad. Also, it would be helpful if the carts were also numbered clearly to help ensure the iPads go back in the same place each time.


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