In the Apple iPad training we looked at Padlet. This app allows teachers to create a wall where all the students can write their response from their iPads which are then able to be seen on the teachers wall. It allows for whole class interaction and response to a question or an idea. Could be used for brainstorming knowledge at the start of a topic and then revisited at the end of a topic to see how much more the students have learnt. Students can also take photos with the iPads and upload the pictures onto the wall…could be used as a class plenary in drama after students are asked to create freeze frames…allowing all students to see what the other students have created. It can also be accessed from home and the web.

  • Go to Cog- then you can create an easy address to connect with the class.
  • Creates a wall where everyone can write their answers to a question or an idea.
  • Possible to moderate posts in ‘privacy’ if worried what kids might write
  • Possible to add photos
  • Option of freeform view or list
  • Can add links
  • Possibility to print and export, save as a PDF etc.
  • Can be read in iBooks

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