Story Telling and Publishing Tools

I looked at a couple of story telling and publishing tools, namely Smories and Bookemon. My AS French students have just written a children’s story entitled the The Story of The Little Blue Cloud. Both of the tools could potentially be useful for publishing and telling the story. Bookemon will allow us to create a book with the students stories which could then be bound and published. Smories will allow the students to read their stories aloud and this would be fantastic for practicing pronunciation and intonation. I will try these out in the next couple of weeks.



  1. Here are some resources that you requested:
    French Interactive =
    digital dialects =
    BrainPop Fr =
    Interactive Grammar quizzes =
    I have also asked Madame Love to send me her’s. She had some great sites she used in her classes.
    Free Rice – French –
    All Things Fun in French =

  2. hmfayyad · · Reply

    Here is a site for Math blogging in different subjects
    Not quite related to this storytelling topic!

  3. While browsing for French versions like Snappy Words I came across It just so happens that I had a conversation with Suzie Sheehan during the Hack and our school has an account for this already. I can send you the link, but you can change it into several different languages!
    * – allows you to change the language as well
    * – I just like this list of resources and I have already saved this site.
    Here are the other resources that I have for you
    from MyBigCampus as well:
    *To access the online textbook, go to:; and enter user id: French 194 and password: w5t7s
    [to check out and see if you are interested in an online textbook by chance]
    *Quizlet for French 1 –
    * – online workbook

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