Week 1 Question: How can we use digital tools to enhance literacy?

Today we had time to examine Quizlet.  Besides the ability to make flashcards, the program will read aloud the words and definitions and for each term, idea, person, etc. you are able to place a picture on the cards to add some meaning to the term itself.  It can be used to introduce new terminology and be used for individual practice.  It can also be used as a learning center within the classroom on the Promethean board.  With each set created, you can also easily use the same set of terms to play a few games like Scatter or even for a sample test.   The negative side to Quizlet is that you cannot add other types of flashmedia at all.  It would be nice to add film clips to demonstrate an idea as well.  Sets can also be used to create a virtual board game like Tribond.  I have used it where one side has 3 facts and the students have to figure out what the three facts have in common [ex. list of restrictions on the federal government, based upon a document written by the English, proposed to qualm the fears of the Anti-Federalists – answer Bill of Rights].  So it is easy to apply and create sets for other intended purposes which requires application of information and analysis.  So as you review the information and the resources, you may be able to use them for other purposes other than what they were created to do.  Many of the resources authors also take feedback from users and are willing to make changes.  *There is a pay version of Quizlet and I do believe you can upload videos that are at least 2 minutes long.


Example of a game called scatter with the same set:



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  1. My classes have downloaded the Quizlet app onto their smart devices so that they can study the vocab sets I make for each unit wherever they are – e.g. on the bus to school. If they create their own login then Quizlet stores their scores for the different vocab activities for each set and so the students can compete against each other, It has a very positive impact on their learning of the spellings as well as the meanings and it really doesn’t take very long to create. If you want to see any examples you can check my account on Quizlet.com by searching for ‘ClaireESL’. I embed the code into my Moodle so that the student can access the flashcards from their directly too.

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