What the heck is a hackathon?

Hack + marathon = hackathon.

  • An intensive project collaboration with a specific focus
  • The goal is to produce a usable piece of technology to solve a problem by the end of the allocated time
  • The hackathon itself is a time to experiment and play with technology in order to find possible solutions to the guiding question

Hack process

Recording our progress during the WIRED week is a vital part of the process.  When we blog, we need to say what we tried, how we tried it, and what the result was.  Later groups can read our post and either take our work further or try something else.

The week after the hack we should choose one (or more) of the ideas produced in the hack – it may be one we worked on, it may be something we’ve only read about on the blog – and try it in our classroom.

process 2

Again it is important to blog what we tried in our classroom, what the result was for us and our students, and why that was the outcome.  It is particularly helpful to highlight any particular problems we encountered, or tips that could make it better for someone else.


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