Welcome to the blog for the WIRED teachers group at MES Cairo.  The WIRED Teachers group is interested in learning how to engage and educate the millennial and neo-millenial learners.  Our goal is to seek out interactive digital tools that help students achieve their learning goals.  Please post your thoughts and ideas and please share other resources […]

Best part of the year was seeing the impact of Wordcloud to facilitate text based discussions. I found that this tool is ideal for teaching poetry and drama because of the density of the text and the multiple approaches. The approach elicited significant contributions from the more timid students in the classroom, those who are […]

My students and I have really enjoyed used iPads in class and I definitely plan on utilizing them more next year.  Socrative and PuppetPals have been our favourites. Everyone in the Science Department next year will be making more use of the iPads because we are getting new toys, ooops EQUIPMENT! that can be hooked […]

Other than the toys and tools I’ve been using stemming from WIRED this year, my personal tech ‘breakthrough’ has been Twitter. Twitter itself is blocked in school, and mobile devices are not allowed to be used, but Twitter is also a phenomenal professional resource. I have been seriously impressed by the amount of discussion, the […]

I would like to start to use Twitter more often.  Scott spoke about how much he learns from fellow teachers which he follows around the world on Twitter.  Comments they make inspire him and give him ideas about how to approach certain topics in his own classes.  I too follow several colleagues and tweeted myself […]

More Apps we recommend1.MEMRISE – Free website for revising a variety of topics. Students really enjoy using htis website. Helps them to memorise and practise in a fun way. e.g. for languages it encourages them to create sentences using the vocabulary they are learning and it also creates sentences for them.2.PUPPET PALS PAID FULL VERSION – […]

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So I went to an Instructional Rounds debriefing today during lunch, expecting to discuss what we observed and how we can use that to improve our own teaching.  The observation focus was Student Engagement.  The discussion started out as you would expect.  Teachers started sharing some of the strategies they…


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